Soloproject „The Art of Tapguitar …an Innovative Challenge“

The Art of Tapguitar is an innovative way to play the guitar, some- times admired because of its exotic attitude, sometimes laughed at because of its freaky appearance. Many guitarists are fasci- nated by virtuous tapping thinking: Who will be the fastest? But guitarists are no gunmen, and playing tapguitar is more than to get ready for the next showdown. So there are so many innova- tive possibilities in playing tapguitar, so much innovative energy to be explored, and so many artistic trends to be set.

Playing tapguitar combines pianistical thinking with the possi- bilities of the guitar. Left and right hand tap independently on the fretboard. For forming the tone the fingers beat the strings against the frets and hold them down. So it is possible for example to play melodic or rhythmic independent lines. Further information you find in the internet if you go to the following address:

In his Solo project “Tapguitar the Innovative Challenge” Mathi- as Sorof dives into the deep ocean of possibilities and musical potentials of guitar, played in an uncommon and unconventional style. His main goal is to compose for tapguitar to use the new approach of musical expression. Mathias Sorof composed a lot of music for tapguitar. In 1988 he released a professional produ- ced album “Mathias Sorof Stick Solo” as vinyl-lp, which was re- released as CD in 2004. His compositions contain ingredients of Classic Traditions from Romantic to Avantgarde, Jazz, Fusion and Worldmusic put together in a authentic style and mixed for stage in an attractive musical program for all listeners. It‘s not music for guitarists only, it‘s a real new sound experience and an interesting listening experience for everybody.